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Welcome to Mr Deery's P6 class page smiley scroll through all our photos and explore our links and make the most of everything here! Hope you enjoy laughyes

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We enjoyed being an adjective on World Book Day.

We were making Viking longboats today and seeing who could get the most Vikings into their longboat 🛶 Big congrats to Joshua who could fit a massive 250 Vikings on his boat! 👏👏👏

We had a great time with Kevin from SENTINUS making model rockets 🚀 🚀 🚀

We used counters to show how we understand decimals 👍 👍 👍

Might look like football but we were making tally charts to learn about the mean, mode, median and the range 😁 ➕ ➖ ✖️ ➗

We retold some fables with our Talk for Writing 🎭 🎫 🎬

Rosa was able to teach the class about making fractions the same and adding them 😁 ✖️ ➕

Making pizza in Maths? Whatever next! At least we're learning loads about fractions 😁🍕🇮🇹

You've only seen a 'fraction' of what we can do 😂➕➖✖️➗

Check out our amazing procedural writing 😁 We thought it would be more fun to make the sandwiches instead of just writing about them 🍞🍓🍯

Still image for this video

We made Christmas candles 😊 🖍 🔥

We made a healthy snack for Santa and his reindeers as part of our healthy eating topic 😊🍏🍐🍌🍇🍓🥕🥒🌽 we think they'll love it!

I tell you, you turn your back for one minute and look at what these P6s got up to! 👀 We got to show apostrophes for possession today, can you guess why we really enjoyed this? 🖍🖍🖍

We watched the McDonalds Christmas advert and interviewed Santa and his reindeers about their thoughts on it 🎅🏼 🎤 we're now reindeer ready are you? 🥕 🥕🥕

Getting into the Christmas spirit by making light up Christmas cards 🎄 🎄 🎄

We started our human body topic by showing how food is digested 🥘 🍌 🍪 Look away now if you're squeamish! 💩

In Science Stars we were showing how electricity travels 🔬 ⚡️ 💧

Thank you so much to Felim's Granny Carol. She has knitted us all beautiful Christmas Puddings. Happy Christmas Everyone 🌲🎅🏼🤶🏼☃️

Congratulations to our cycling team who got their cycling certificates today from Claire! Well deserved and now they know how to stay safe when cycling on the roads, woo-hoo!

As part of our friendship week we showed how some people can feel left out and why it is important to be a good friend 😊 We know that we should treat everyone the same and show kindness to others 👍

We created a brand new scene in our Zanzibar novel and acted it out for everyone in class 🎭🎫🎟

We had a great time with Science Starz making volcanoes as part of our coasts topic 🌋

Venn Diagrams are really exciting when you get to draw on the desks! Don't tell the cleaners or they'll go mad!

We had a great time raising awareness of Spina Bifida 😁 Thanks to everyone who brought in yellow treats and wore something yellow 👍😁🌼

What do you get when you cross a comprehension with a monopoly board? A really fun Mr. Deery lesson that's what!

Squared numbers are a breeze when you can make them 🔲🔳⬛️⬜️

Conscience alley really helped us make a decision to leave the Scilly Isles or stay 😁

We did 'human battleships' where we were the actual co-ordinates! How great are we! Check out our winning captains who sunk the other teams boat! 😁👍🚤

Check out our coasts artwork! 🎨✏️🖍

We used freeze framing to show scenes from our novel 'Wreck of the Zanzibar' 🛶🌊😲

We hot seated the main characters from our novel 'Wreck of the Zanzibar'

We've been making big numbers 😊♥️♣️♠️♦️

Introducing Mr Deery's Primary 6 Class