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P1 Miss O'Prey

Welcome to Primary 1 at St. Colman's!

Welcome To School - Class Entrance & Exit

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In this video you will be able to take a virtual walk from our school gates to your new class for this school year :-)

We toasted pancakes on Pancake Tuesday and we chose different toppings to put on them.

We had a brilliant world book day ! We dressed up as adjectives We had sleepy, brave, spiky ,brave and other interesting words on our costumes The P7's came down and read stories from our book swap box, it was great fun!

We played number games at school.

We invited our grandparents in to our class to celebrate grandparents day. We sang lovely songs about how we love our grannies and granda's.

Grandparents day 2020

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Check out our fantastic video, we just love our grandparents!!

Our classroom displays.

We are making rhyming words and practising writing our sight words.

We read the story the Gingerbread man and used hand puppets.

We are working on making patterns in our class.

Our Science experiment on melting.

Here are some photos of us playing in our new classroom.

We went outside to play in the P1 playground at break time. Some of our older brothers and sisters came to say hello to us.

Two boys in our class started school on their birthdays. They turned 5! We sang happy birthday to them both.

We are all busy playing and drawing together in P1.

We are drawing our self portraits on the interactive whiteboard.

We are learning all about the colour red this week in P1.

We went on a walk to look for signs of autumn. then we saw the Eco flag being unveiled.

Our lovely Autumn table. 🐿🍁

We went on a letter s hunt around our school. We found loads of letter s's in signs, notices and books around the corridors and out in the playground.

We practiced tracing the letter s on dry wipe tracing boards. We were brilliant!

Some of us dressed up like Smarty pants in our story this week. He could do anything just like Miss O'Prey's Primary 1's.

We got a fantastic pumpkin sent in from one of our daddy's allotment. We had fun trying to scoop out the flesh from inside the pumpkin.

Fun at Halloween!

look at our pumpkin lanterns!

This week we are learning about the colour green.

We were sorting pictures that began with the same sound into the right set and sorting the magnetic letters into the proper set.

We have been practising writing our letters in class.

We had a bedtime story day and we dressed in our slippers and dressing gowns and shared our favourite bedtime stories with one another

Rehearsing for our Nativity play 'Everyone loves a baby" we loved singing all the songs!

We were sequencing 1 dot dominoes and finding all the dominoes that had 2 spots on them.

We played the Ladybird counting game.

We are enjoying playing in our classroom.