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P3 Mrs McDonnell

The Lord, He Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23) (320 kbps).mp3

I’m Sorry, God (320 kbps).mp3

Gathering Song (320 kbps).mp3

The gathering song

Primary 3 really enjoyed completing a Car Park survey today! We learnt about the different types of transport and finding different models of cars.

Estimating, measuring and comparing different objects in our classroom

Christmas jumper day!

So much fun today learning more about Diwali Festival, and making our own Diya lamp :)

Fantastic STEM workshop today, building our own buggy! we had fun testing them out too.

Sorting criteria using a Venn Diagram

We had so much fun today making a raft for our Gingerbread men to cross the river safely. Primary 3 were so creative!

We worked so hard today using coins to make amounts and putting money in our piggy banks

Wednesday = Healthy Kids. We even finished with the Cha Cha Slide!

Science Stars is always so much fun. This week we learnt how to make our own Volcano!

Primary 3 really enjoyed sorting waterproof and non-waterprrof materials

So much fun making 'Ladybird Doubles'

Tomorrow we will be looking at GAA sports and different articles online. (Tuesday 22nd October)

If possible could you look in an Irish Newspaper and cut out an Irish sport article (GAA) and send into class that we could discuss further.

Many thanks,

Mrs Hanna


NewsDesk Wednesdays - World Food Day


Today is International World Food Day.

Today we explored a healthy, balanced diet.

Remember to make a comment :)

So much fun investigating the Water Cycle with Science Stars

We went on a Materials Hunt! We loved searching for different materials in our classroom and outside

Welcome to Primary 3