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Welcome to our class page for 2018-19


Our class has really enjoyed the Kids' Own 'Virtually There' project this year. We have been working with artist John D'Arcy on lots of fantastic and unusual creative projects. These projects have included creating our own radio station, WECHO FM. During this project, we created our own radio personalities and radio shows. We also visited our local radio station LISBURN 98fm, where we got to 'take-over' their drive time show from 5pm to 6pm.


Our second project involved creating a pixelated virtual reality environment. This was fantastic fun and the results were amazing!


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Toasties for Trocaire

Still image for this video
To advertise our 'Toasties for Trocaire' campaign, we created a rap video. Enjoy!

Virtually There, Virtual Reality

Spanish Pupil of the Week

Spanish Pupil of the Week 1
Congratulations to Adam! He was awarded Spanish speaker of the week. 

Toasties for Trocaire

Toasties for Trocaire 1
Toasties for Trocaire 2
Toasties for Trocaire 3
Toasties for Trocaire 4
The class really enjoyed making all the toasties  for the pupils and staff in the school. We raised over £300 for Trócaire. The most we have ever raised. A big thank you to everyone who helped!

Toasties for Trócaire

Toasties for Trócaire  1
A massive THANK YOU to Elliana's father, who kindly provided our class with the bread for our Toasties. Elliana, who is in Miss O'Neills P3 class, is pictured here with the boys from my class. Her father works for Hovis and this was an unbelievably generous gift. The boys and girls were delighted to find 40 loaves waiting for them. Thank you!

On the Ning Nang Nong

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Our Poem for World Book day was 'On the Ning Nang Nong' by Spike Milligan.

WECHO FM takes over LISBURN 98.8FM

WECHO FM, St Colman's no.1 radio station, took over Lisburn radio 98.8FM as part of World Radio Day on Wednesday 14th February. Top radio presenter Michael Clarke, showed the children around the radio station and answered all their questions. He then interviewed each child and asked them about our radio station. During the drive time hour, 5pm to 6pm, Michael allowed us to choose the songs and play content from our own radio shows. It was great fun and a superb experience for the children.

WECHO FM is a project that the children have been working on in class throughout the 1st and 2nd term, with artist John D'arcy. This is part of the Kids' Own, Virtually there project. We are one of only ten classes in Northern Ireland to be involved with this project, which is a great privilege. All the children would like to thank Michael for allowing us to visit the station and John for helping us with our project and for organising the trip.


Confirmation  1
Confirmation  2
Confirmation  3
Confirmation  4

Congratulations to our Primary 7 pupils on their Confirmation day. They are a credit to their parents and the school. A massive thank you to Mrs Murphy! She made a fantastic Confirmation cake for our boys and girls. The children loved it and we all think Mrs Murphy should definitely enter the bake off this year!

Science Starz

Volcanoes 2

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Erupting Volcanoes

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Making Volcanoes

On Tuesday we went to the INTO FILM festival. We got to watch the film 'Peter Rabbit' and then took part in a Belfast Zoo workshop. It was great fun. A massive thank you to INTO FILM and the Belfast Zoo.

The scary bunch!

The scary bunch! 1
Happy Hallowe'en to everyone. 👻

A fantastic homework!

A fantastic homework! 1
I was presented today with an absolutely superb homework by Charley. He had sequenced the alphabet using bright and colourful letter stickers. Well done Charley!

St Colman's Ceramic Plaque

Today was the unveiling of our new ceramic plaque that can be seen on the outside of the school. A big well done to Sam who was asked to speak about his own ceramic plaque. He spoke with confidence and clarity in front of the assembled audience.
Today, we went outside for maths. We had to complete a lot of different activities and record data for each. We then used the data to create bar graphs.

Prize winner

Prize winner 1

Congratulations to Adam, he won a £100 voucher for 'We are Vertigo.'

A big thank you to Mr Kernan and all the Healthy Kids coaches for a fantastic fun day.

Autumn prints

Science stars


Today our class and Mrs McGrath's class had our first golfing lesson. We learnt about the different golf clubs and we were taught how to hit the golf ball. It was great fun!

The 60s

The 60s 1
In class this term we have been researching the 1960s. We explored the art of the 1960s by creating our own pop art portraits similar to those of the artist Andy Warhol. We also created our own collaged artworks inspired by the work of Robert Rauschenberg. We have researched famous figures and events that happened during this decade. We also found out that our school was first opened in 1968. 
This week we have been learning how to tie dye t shirts in preparation for our 50th concert. Some of the children will be using their tie dyed t shirts for their protest costumes. 

Photography Award

Congratulations to Sam. He achieved his photography badge at his scout group.

Visiting the Chapel with Fr. Byrne

Today we were shown around St Colman's chapel. Father Paul spoke to us about the different sacred places in the chapel. We found this very enjoyable. 

Internet Safety Award Winners

Congratulations to all the boys and girls in my class for being awarded first place in the Primary School Internet Safety Video Competition. Our Internet Safety Rap Song was awarded first place in Northern Ireland by C2k and the Education Authority. The children worked together to write a rap, perform, film and edit the video. All their hard work paid off and on Tuesday we were interviewed by the Education Authority as part of their internet safety broadcast. The children were awarded with a trophy and they've also won a brand new state of the art laptop for the class. We'd all like to thank C2k and the Education Authority for presenting us with these amazing prizes. Our Internet Safety Rap is now available to watch in our School resource video library.

Welcome to Mastermind!

Mastermind Assembly time! Our theme was internet safety and we thought we'd test our ICT coordinator, Mr Kernan, on his knowledge of internet safety and how to stay safe online. He managed to answer all questions correctly and became the Mastermind Internet Safety Champion. 


Mrs Grant and myself were so proud of all the children. They worked hard all week to learn their lines and on the day of the performance they spoke extremely well in front of all the children from Primary 3 to Primary 7. They were absolutely brilliant!

Masterpiece at the MAC Winner!

Congratulations to Finn! Finn was one of only twelve Masterpiece at the MAC award winners! Today, he was presented with his prize, a fantastic art set.He created a four colour mono print of the Giant's Causeway. His artwork will be on display in the Belfast MAC beginning in February. He will join other great artists such as Andy Warhol, David Hockney and Peter Doig who have all exhibited at the MAC 😀

We had a great day today at St Patrick's College. We had technology and science lessons. We also got to see and touch strange and unusual reptiles. It was great fun. A massive thank you to St Patrick's for putting on such a fun day and for their great hospitality.

Creative writing

As part of our Kids' Own project, we were examining the contents of a newspaper. We wrote our own stories using our imaginations. Our news stories included articles about an Earthquake that hit St Colman's Primary and a tsunami that hit Belfast! We than used imagery from our stories to create imaginative artworks.

Medal winner!

Medal winner! 1
Congratulations to Finn who won a soccer medal at the weekend playing for Cliftonville juniors. Well done!
We took part in mindfulness sessions with Mrs McGrath's class today in school. We learnt different strategies to help us relax. 

School Council

Vote for me! Today in class we gave individual presentations about why we should be voted on to the school council. A lot of boys and girls put themselves forward for nomination. 


Today the children dressed up for Hallowe'en. Mrs Grant also showed us all how to make scary Hallowe'en buns. 

Giant's Causeway mono-prints

As part of our world around us topic, we have been researching the Giant's Causeway. We created 4 colour mono-prints using black, blue, yellow and grey inks. The finished artworks were all brilliant!

Trophy winner

Trophy winner 1
Congratulations to Isabella who was awarded a Camogie trophy at her club. A fantastic achievement!

Fun day prize winner!

Fun day prize winner! 1
Congratulations to Sean-Michael, who won a family gift card for the cinema at today's funday prize draw. A massive thank you to all the boys and girls who helped to make day extra special.

A big thank you to all the boys and girls for their hard work fundraising. We collected a lot of money which will help to pay for Sports coaches. Fun day was very enjoyable and the children were able to successfully take part in the different activities. We all the great fun!

Award winners

Award winners 1
Congratulations to the all the boys and girls. We were awarded the lining up cup at this weeks assembly by Mr Baine. Well done everyone!

School Year 2016-17

Cup winner!

Cup winner! 1
Well done to Finn! He was part of the Rosario football team that won the cup at the weekend. It was a great achievement ⚽️👍🏻
Our world around us topic this term is Ancient Egyptians. We have been learning a lot about life in ancient Egypt and this week we have been researching and investigating the Pyramids of Egypt. Today in class we were set the challenge to build a pyramid using art straws. It was great fun and we were all delighted with our finished pyramids. 

Shared education

Today in school we were joined by the boys and girls from Seymour Hill Primary School. We split up into two groups. Taking inspiration from our recent educational talks from the Dogs Trust and the Guide Dog Society, we created models of dogs using clay and we also created a printed wall hanging. We had lots of fun and we're looking forward to seeing our new friends again at the Shared Education Sports day in June. 

Toasties for Trócaire

Today was the first day of Toasties for Trócaire. We have over 160 Toastie orders from P4-7 and staff. We are really excited to be making the Toasties for everyone. 

We are learning all about the Vikings as our World Around Us topic this term. On Wednesday, we spent the whole day learning about the Viking way of life. We played games and got to see real weapons that were similar to the weapons the Vikings would have used. It was a great day!

Google expeditions

Google expeditions 1
Google expeditions 2

Last week Google visited our school. They showed all the pupils and teachers how to use their new app 'Google expeditions'. We got to use Google devices inside a cardboard eye holder. We held the devices up to our eyes and it was as 'if we were in a virtual world.' Erin brought in a device holder from home, that her Daddy gave her, for show and tell. 😀

To celebrate St. Patricks day the Armagh Rhymers visited our school. They told stories and taught us songs. We all had great fun dancing and singing. 

Pancake Tuesday Shopping List

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Today in class we were ordering our pancake ingredients for tomorrow. After agreeing what we would need to make pancakes, we set out pricing the ingredients from the Tesco website. The cheapest shopping list was £8.44 and the most expensive shopping list was £12.32. 

Irish News Critical Literacy


Our class were delighted to be asked to pilot the new Irish News critical literacy project. We had great fun and learnt a lot!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Tropical rainforests and Belfast Zoo

Tropical rainforests and Belfast Zoo 1
Tropical rainforests and Belfast Zoo 2
Tropical rainforests and Belfast Zoo 3
Tropical rainforests and Belfast Zoo 4
Tropical rainforests and Belfast Zoo 5
Tropical rainforests and Belfast Zoo 6

Our class world around us topic in term 1 was 'Tropical Rainforests'.

As part of our topic we went on a class trip to Belfast Zoo.