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Annual Schools' Arts Competition



Congratulations to our four pupils who were successful in the Lisburn School's Arts Competition in the areas of "Short Story" and "Poetry".



Blackberry Picking by Jessica Murphy                                                                                                    

Early September,

Spilling with the words of Seamus Heaney,
We bounded over the pitch
Like a pack of wolves hungry for our prey.
We set off scouting the thorny walls,
For our juicy treasure.
In the hot sun, they burst in our sticky palms.
Stretching our spines,
We took pity on the blackberries, just out of reach.
Our hands got pricked,
By the spiky brambles.


We eagerly ran to deposit our prey,
And licked their blood off the container.
We made the sticky jewels
Into a sweet treat,
That rewarded our bravery with
Blackberry ice cream!